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Mark Mathisen has 19 years experience with international and domestic regional geology and seismic interpretation with Mobil, and an additional 5 years of regional geology experience at Iowa State University where he received a Ph.D. in geology.

Bob Richter has 35 years of extensive domestic onshore regional mapping experience with both majors and independents. He has also worked Gulf of Thailand basins. He has received both M.S. and B.S. degrees from the university of Oklahoma.

Ranga Ranganayaki has over 15 years of experience in exploration, specializing in seismic and magnetotelluric interpretation. She holds a Ph.D from M.I.T.

Steve Root has 22 years of experience in the analysis, application, and integration of calcareous nannofossil data for international and domestic exploration programs for Mobil Oil Corp. He holds an M.S. in Geology from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Tina Tsui has a Ph.D. in geology/Geochemistry from Harvard University and more than 15 years experience with oil migration history analysis, and source rock evaluation. She pioneered the application of fluid inclusion technology to petroleum exploration.



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